Vaccine death. Trump-Georgia-phone-call. Media. Hemp hearts? Neighbour sick.


Scott Adams did a great analysis of the Trump phone call to Georgia. It is clear from that audio that Trump thinks that the election was stolen and that the officials are just ignoring his orders.

And NYSE just ignores the executive order:

Dr Shiva hinted at that VP Pence can call for investigations though:
“Learned @VP HAS lots of power on 1/6 Joint Session incl. calling recess for investigation. Senators need his leadership.”

About hemp seeds or “hemp hearts”
Seems like good food, but might be more interesting than that.
And this is very strange:
There are explanations for the death certificate – true or not?

Dr John Campbell and MedCram. Very good discussion.
But is it just me that notice that they are medical doctors, not engineers? Why not try hard to push vitamin D, zinc, ionophores, fasting, silver, star anise and so on? It’s like they don’t want to solve the problem. If your house is on fire, you use all the water, CO2, sand or what-ever you have to stop the fire, and you do not say “We need more evidence that water really helps.”

Lockdowns are for increasing the wealth of the super richs, not for doing anything that is good for something:

Compare the masks that hurt children and lockdowns with:

Mug, sticker or other stuff:
Or in Swedish: (Backup of videos when Youtube takes them down)

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