Conversation with Lisanne Thewessen about the benefits of Hemp and CBD oil

A discussion about the benefits of Hemp and CBD oil, including what to look for when buyiing CBD oil, with my friend Lisanne Thewessen, who is a BQH Practitioner and CBD oil advisor and seller currently located in Mallorca Spain.

Video was Recorded and First aired on Facebook in Feb 2020

Lisanne Thewessen and I also swapped Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions with each other back in 2018. Here are the links to those sessions if you are interested in seeing more about that:

Lisanne Thewessen Facilitating a BQH session for Lori:

Lori Estrella-Auger Facilitating a BQH session for Lisanne:

For more information regarding BQH sessions with Lisanne and purchasing some of the hemp products that she discussed in this video, please visit her website:

For more information regarding a BQH session with Lori, or to find out more about sound therapy sessions and art workshops, please visit:


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